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What We Do.

Supportive Outreach

Housing Navigation & Tenancy Support

Micro - Case Management

Supportive Outreach operates on-site within homeless encampments, offering immediate assistance with a range of services, from time management to transportation to benefits enrollment. The program emphasizes trust, reliability, and client-driven solutions, aiming to improve living conditions and streamline access to essential services.

We are focused on ending homelessness for our clients, not simply managing it. Adhering to the fidelity of evidence-based service models, Anything Helps ensures that both clients and their landlords are provided proactive and effective support when a lease is signed, ensuring a successful transition off the streets. Our exceptional level of care has allowed us to develop an extensive network of landlords throughout King County, willing to negotiate terms and reduce screening barriers for our clients.

It takes a community to end homelessness - That's why our Micro-Case Management program breaks down the complexities of social work into manageable, actionable tasks that anyone can complete. Whether you can spare an hour, a day, or a week, Micro Case Management ensures that your contribution of time isn't spent being an extra pair of hands - it's spent tangibly changing lives.

Our programs are designed to provide comprehensive longitudinal support and advocacy to people experiencing chronic homelessness.